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The Royal College has made a fraternal organization available to members, fellows, and other worthy persons throughout the College of Knighthood. It is a tradition that has continued after 300 years and is held in high esteem for its relevancy throughout this millennium. Becoming a Knight or Dame is an excellent dream of nobility for both respected men and women of impeccable and sophisticated personalities in following the ancient tradition of the great Emperor of Constantine of 325.A.D.
With the right and honor that comes with being addressed as “Sir” or “Lady” for men and women alike as well as petition for other elitist titles, such as “Baron” ”Baroness” ”Noble” “Hon” ”Chief” ”Rt. Honorable” ”Philanthropist” “Magistrate” begins the most appropriate salutation for men and women of distinction who have immense contributions to the community and human services in all nations.
The College of Knighthood of the Royal College (CKRC)mission is dedicated to the restoration of honors that eminent distinguished individuals or groups that deserve to be known for services to mankind on a national or international level.
Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Educators, Businessmen/women, Politicians, Military and Paramilitary, Religious officers, Professionals and Nonprofessionals, including Lay persons are invited to join the rank they deserve for delivering selfless services and spiritual missions to others.
THE MISSION: The mission of the CKRC is nondenominational and we accept conglomerates of people as Knights and Dames, regardless of religion, color, race, sex and nation of origin. The College of Knighthood of the Royal College acts in concert by voluntarily contributing time, talent, ideas and financial support or donations in lieu of services.
DECLARATION OF KNIGHTS AND DAMES:The Members of the College of Knighthood of the Order of the Royal College who pledge selfless services to mankind through the contribution of time and money, receive a beautiful parchment certificate with the name and title written in scroll as patent evidence of their nobility and rank in this worldwide acclaimed and distinguished society. The Order of the College of Knighthood uses their wisdom and know-how to spread love.
CEREMONY/INVESTITURE: To mark the ceremonious investiture of election into knighthood, a cap, a badge of office, and a special robe clad from the neck down with neck ribbons are offered to the knights to wear in commemorating the initiation and other designated events of the college of knighthood. A Special prayer or a moment of silence is offered at the end of the ceremony so that “Knights and Dames” be imbued with wisdom and the know-how to “spread courage, self-control and the preservation of life and liberty” to others. As they were elevated to civility, they are encouraged to preserve the value and virtue with outstanding contributions to the College of Knighthood. Hence the Knights are known and referred to with the prefix “Sir” for men and “Lady” for women before their names. The prefix can be used on letterheads, business cards etc, denoting outstanding, respected, and distinguished individuals in the community.
CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETE ABSOLUTE FORGIVENESS: Certain individuals who request a special prayer or moment of silence and desire to be completely freed from “guilt” and “forgiveness” are offered the CCA-“certificate of complete absolution from evil” and/ or the CAE- certificate of absolution from evil for past misdeeds and deserve to leave the past behind and move on with a new lifestyle and willingness to change for the better. The individual is requested to make prior confessions to themselves and send a written statement to the College of Knighthood that they have “made the confession to themselves and are now requesting the College to clean off or erase the misdeeds as they deserve to move on.” They are not necessarily required to disclose the specificity of the misdeeds. The College holds a group Vigil on the request to validate the relief of burden of guilt or misdeeds for fulfillment of spiritual guest and righteous commitment to humanity. A certificate is issued accordingly.
The College of Knighthood draws its men and women from all walks of life and enjoys the diversity of citizenship. People of meaning who value high esteem deserve to distinguish themselves and are recognized for nobility and the title of the Order of the Knighthood of the Royal College.
If you are prepared to be among the most esteemed ranks and files and willing to subscribe to the above tenets, you are welcome to the College of the Knight. Please complete the application and forward it to the College.


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