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The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States' primary mission is to serve as a catalyst and a crucible for creative education and learning processes for physicians and surgeons.

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States recognizes that postgraduate medical education reflects the issues inherent in our present society. We believe these needs and aspirations are expressed on the individual, institution and societal levels.

At the individual level, the search is directed towards:
New ways to enrich our lives and realize our potential
New and expanded roles and responsibilities in our personal lives as well as in our communities
At the institutional level, the emphasis is upon:
New teaching and learning strategies
New organizational structures for the delivery of postgraduate continuing medical education services
Identifying the population to be served (around the world) to which these new learning processes will be delivered
At the societal level, the challenge is to design:
New approaches toward the solution of critical problems,
New organizational designs to deliver a variety of services to a diversity of persons
Internationally new methods to prepare persons to cope adequately and maintain their individuality amid the complex and rapidly changing environment in which we live
In light of these issues, the Royal College has committed its energies and resources toward the following objectives:
Develop new leaning methodologies and resources
Develop prototypical innovative programs and institutions
Develop programs for constituency previously denied
Assess the effectiveness of new educational model
Explore relationship with international efforts in innovation in higher education
Encourage personalized, self-learning programs
Build the most powerful continuing medical education coalition or network


The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States, founded in 1986, has received recognition as a renowned medical organization, providing continuing medical education to doctors around the world. The recognition was given to the Royal College with a signed beautiful plaque by the United States Congress, The House of Representatives.
The State Of Michigan House Of Senates Legislature, presented the Royal College with a framed resolution with the seal of the State of Michigan for our "tradition of excellence" in providing Continuing Medical Education for doctors around the world. The city of Detroit in a testimonial of the Council of the whole "cited" the Royal College as a worldwide worthwhile organization providing Continuing Medical Education to doctors and the communities around the world. The Governor of the great state of Michigan issued a certificate of commendation to the Royal College as a "recognition of its outstanding CME and strong commitment and dedication to improve lives of citizens around the nation."
The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons is fulfilling the promise of its mission and need for Continuing Medical Education of physicians and surgeons of the world. Our Members and Fellows around the World work in remote areas and provide services for indigents through annual pro bono work in preventative health care screening of silent killer diseases. Royal College has regional and worldwide offices including in India, the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and the Caribbean.


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The Royal College of the U.S.A. emphasizes quality of health care delivery, a commitment to continuing education, and the use of science and art of medicine and surgery to benefit others.
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Please look out for current articles highlighting this!

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