The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States of America provides its members with opportunities for Continuing Medical Education leading to certificate of MRCP, MRCS, FRCP, FRCS and other specialty certificates.

Our efforts are directed towards physicians and surgeons interested in international medicine and surgery who participate in the care of patients in both modern and isolated communities around the world and who can benefit from the educational programs of this membership organization and upgrade their skills, professional effectiveness and patient management. To be admitted as a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States of America, candidates must meet the following standard requirements:

What Are The Admission Requirements?

A. Graduation from approved medical schools as listed in the World Health Organization's World Directory of Medical Schools. 

B. Possession of a license to practice medicine and surgery where the certificate of the Royal College is to be used and established.

C. Completion of the application for membership examination on a form prescribed by the Royal College, and submission of requested credentials and fees.

D. Complete postgraduate approved residency program and be Board Certified by any of the Boards of American Board of Medical Specialties or possess the equivalent or experience and or publications and or being a specialist in a specialty prior to application for membership or Fellowship of the Royal College.

Royal College approval of the initial credential review for assessment of training, experience, investigation and authentication of credentials.
Successful completion of the VIVA VOCE or supplemental examinations, if required.

E. Demonstrated commitment to Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs of the Royal College or any other CME approved by the Royal College.

F. Submission of an annual report to the Royal College documenting a mandatory minimum of 50 credit hours CME of the Royal College or its equivalent, required to maintain good standing after certification.

G. Documentation of five (5) years of approved training and experience, or its equivalent, after graduation from medical school.

H. Overseas candidates may submit post-graduate training certificates, a notarized copy of membership or fellowship of reputable international organizations, higher diplomas or reputable medical institutes or their equivalents.

I. Postgraduate training experience certifications, etc., not mentioned above but which the candidate feels may be equivalent. (Inquiry may be made to the Royal College without fee payment.)

Can I Be Admitted Based On Equivalency?

Candidates whose training, experience, certification or diplomas do not fall within the general academic rubric outlined above, who believe they possess the equivalent, may petition the Royal College with supportive documentary evidence. It is the responsibility of the candidates to provide sufficient rationale demonstrating the equivalency to the standard requirements.

Can I Be Admitted Based On Reciprocity?

We do not reciprocate with any of the sister Royal Colleges; therefore, no examination results of a sister Royal College may be credited toward any of the Membership/Fellowship requirements of the Royal College. However, candidates with unusual or controversial cases may petition the Royal College for consideration, without payment of any fee.

What Is The Policy On Fellowships?

Fellows are elected from the Members "with or without examinations" and at the discretion of the Royal College. Members may submit requests, but fellowship is not automatic. Every applicant will be afforded due process and an opportunity to become a fellow.

What Is The Criteria For Admission By Examination?

 The membership examinations consist of written, oral and clinical simulation. Written papers are largely multiple choice, with few short written answers. The oral or clinical simulations are conducted by Assigned External Examiners who are either Members/Fellows of the Royal College or appointed, distinguished international physicians an surgeons who are affiliated with or hold responsible positions with these institutions. 

Examinations cover areas of specialty, with broad basic and clinical science applications. We do not recommend any Quick Review Courses. Any postgraduate or residency recommended standard textbooks should be sufficient. The curriculum examination will be made available to those who have submitted applications, received positive assessment of training and have been otherwise approved to take the examination. We have examination centers worldwide, eliminating the need for candidates to travel to the United States.
A. DIPLOMA & CERTIFICATE PROGRAM (DCH, DTM&H, DPG, DOG, ETC): Physicians with one or more years of postgraduate clinical experience can enroll in the continuing medical education programs leading to any of the Diplomas offered by the Royal College.

When do Examinations Take Place?

 Candidates who have received positive assessment of training and whose credentials have been approved as meeting all of the requirements for the Examination will be eligible to take and complete the examination within two years of approval; two years after approval, the application may become inactive. 

An inactive application may be reactivated upon petition to the Royal College and completion and submission of a special application with supporting documentation. Candidates who fail any part of the examination will be allowed two retakes without payment of additional fees.

Those failing an examination more than twice must show evidence of retraining or certification of completion of advanced or postgraduate courses in the area of specialty. Also required is a new application for retesting, along with any required documentation.

What Happens If There Is a Deficiency?

After assessment of clinical and work experience, physicians are placed of a course of study that meets the requirements of membership and of Fellowship through the Continuing Medical Education program. The deficiency can be cured by: 

A. Participate in web-based interactive Continuing Medical Education (CME) program that assesses prior learning and clinical skill before the examination. This enhanced learning prepares students for better performance on the examination.

B.Listening to course lectures by distinguished faculties on Video and or multimedia CD.

C. Earn certain numbers of CME credits at annual conventional and participate in after lecture-exam.

D. Purchase recommended course materials and textbook. Complete the assigned reading and prepare for the examination.

E. Guided independent study by using recommended reference library materials.

F. Group and or class discussion (group study) or review and study of assigned learning materials, and take examination upon completion of the study.

G. Combination of the above can be approved at the request of the student or the group.

How Do I Follow-Up On My Application?

 We encourage applicants to write to inquire about the status of their application. 

No information regarding examination results or application status will be revealed by telephone. These are considered strictly private and confidential matters. All requests for information must be submitted in writing.

How Long Is My Certification Valid?

 The certificate issued by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States is good for 3 years only. To maintain the certificate in good standing, members and Fellows must submit accumulated approved attendance of verifiable Continuing Medical Education certificates, to meet the Professional Educational Activities requirement Net Unit of Training (PEANUT). 

The PEANUT is defined as amount of unit of CME required to be up-to-date with learning and skill to validate current medical knowledge.

The minimum attendance required is between one-to-two attendance per year, depending upon the quality and quantity of the lecture series.

Therefore in five years, ten certificates of attendance may be equivalent of that requirement to renew membership and or the fellowship certificate.

What Are My Rights And Privileges As An Active Member?

 Only active membership and Fellowships of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States in good standing are entitled to all rights and privileges, including the right to use the abbreviated title of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States (e.g. FRCP, FRCS and or the MRCP and MRCS). The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States emblem and patch are available for a nominal fee. It looks good on a dark blue blazer or jacket. 

Membership and Fellowship certificates remain the property of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States of America, and must be surrendered or returned to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States of America upon demand. An individual who has been de-licensed, reclassified and or committed a crime of misdemeanor or felony may be subject to forfeiture of their certificates after proper due process of the law has taken place.

Program of the College

The Continuing Medical Education program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of the United States of America leading to the certificate of the membership and Fellowship are available in the following specialized areas:



Addictive Medicine


Administrative Medicine


Adolescent Medicine


Alternative Medicine


Medical Administration


Aerospace Medicine






Biomechanic/Manual Medicine




Community Medicine


Computer Medicine


Correctional Medicine


Critical Medicine






Emergency Medicine


Ear/Nose/Throat -ENT






Forensic Medicine


General Practice/Family Medicine




Geriatric Medicine


Group Medical Practice





Industrial Medicine Infectious


Disease Internal Medicine


International Health Jurisprudence


Maternal Child Health


Microbiology/Parasitology Medical


Education Medical Psychology


Military Medicine & Surgery


Minimally Invasive Spine


Procedures Minimally Invasive


Surgery Naturopathic Medicine


Nephrology Neurology Neurology


Nutrition Obstetric &Gynecology


Occupational Medicine Oncology


Ophthalmology Orthopedics


Osteopathic Medicine


Pathology/Lab. Medicine/Lab.


Technology Pediatric/Child Health




Podiatric Medicine Public Health


Pulmonary Medicine Preventive


Medicine & Social Preventive


Medicine Proctology Psychiatry


Psychotherapy Radiology Research & Methodology Rheumatology Sports


Medicine Surgery - All specialties Tropical Medicine & Hygiene Tropical Medicine & Surgery Tuberculosis & Chest


Diseases Urology Venereology


Veterinary Medicine Other Specialties

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